I would like to introduce to you a short list of open source consulting & development services and support I can provide to your company as an iDempiere ERP and CRM, DMS and PSA software consultant.

The meaning of my consultancy services to you is all process and resources optimisation, increase of efficiency, maximize savings and cost reduction.

My support and services consist of professional software consultancy advices = providing information about the best possible solutions which work! Besides of that, I manage my own development team to provide strong technical support available daily. Communication is provided via Skype(name): Norbert Bede  (any time I am online), e-mail: norbert.bede @ gmail.com  (business hours 8 AM – 6 PM Central European Time).

So how it works?

Customer submit request (RFQ) or submit the order and choose any from available services:

Training services

I can train your end users, admins, employees, partners…. we transfer here business domain remote (e.g. Skype call)

Price/Payment terms: 70 USD /hour (min. number of hours 5)

Consulting services

You can hire me for consulting on specific subject (e.g. help to design your business model in iDempiere. or we can consult your issue within community (developer hired too)

Implementation services

I can lead your overall implementation process and there are two options how we can proceed and account that:

a) you can pay us hourly rate
b) if you can submit your exact RFQ I can make a quote

Payment terms

We are working here with provided deposit.

Placement / Location
1. remote
Customer can hire us and we can communicate online or other way.
2. onsite
Customer pays for return travel and accommodation costs and we work right on the spot.
Payment terms

We charge for man days.

Please, contact me for any further details or to discuss individual conditions. Thank you. I am looking forward our future cooperation!