Presence of iDempiere in Slovakia

iDempiere is a modern ERP (enterprise resource planning) and very complex software system that can manage all accounting, process documentation, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, service and various other operations and processes of enterprises and firms simultaneously in several accounting reports (simultaneously be a company that has, for example, a mother in Germany and a branch in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary accounted for all four accounting reports …).

iDempiere works is that it is installed on the server (internally or externally) as a standalone system or can run as an extension of the current / parent / corporate-supported comprehensive ERP software / computer program (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Navision, SAGE, ABRA …) what is common in Slovak branches of foreign parent companies that corporate / international use some of these ERP systems. This may be interesting if the foreign mother to her Slovakian production branch with several warehouses (with material, parts, components and finished products), which is expanding corporate SAP introduced, but for process control between production and warehouse here in Slovakia (especially if you need the system to quickly add something new, something tweak or fix) is the iT support from abroad often very rigid.

Here comes the series iDempiere as an extension of a large parent control system, for example, only processes within the superstructure of production operations between production and new stores, Slovak software provided by local partner who knows if any need to respond immediately compared with the IT department for example. in Germany and Sweden, where the reaction time in some cases may take several days. A positive element in this case is sufficient confidence parent company towards the delegation of responsibilities to local Logistics / Warehouse Manager, which is in demand for IT partner is free to opt for smaller local Slovak company.

iDempiere is however a complex system that can manage corporate / business processes ranging from customer relationship management (Customer Relationship Management), including all manufacturing, warehousing, logistics (including management of material flows), financial and accounting operations, document management, archiving after service operations and property management, fleet management (corporate fleet management), internal company logistics ranging from automation to driver Assistant Systems, visitor registration and attendance of employees, delegation of rights and responsibilities of employees and partners, the recording of usage data, failure, repair or mined assets, tools and equipment, and other operations and processes that can be in the system to create, add and adjust according to the needs of a particular company and the areas in which it operates …
MULTIMAGE Ltd. is the development of iDempiere historically specialised in particular for use in improving the comprehensive management of warehousing and material flow management (Warehouse Management System – WMS). Within it is the task of analyzing the system, manage, design flow of all data, information and goods and for the entire process chain, whether in one or more establishments or different sectors or areas at one time.

The system iDempiere all hardware and software modular connected by no mutually compatible and variable.

The advantage iDempiere the implementation of the warehouse management is already mentioned seamless integration of other systems and applications software or specialised storage equipment e.g. specialised scanners, readers, terminals, displays, tablets and mobile devices, printers …
The system allows continuously updated overview of materials and supplies to a specific place of deposit A complete records of all movements in the warehouse, including immediate support of spot analyzes, inspections and inventories.
This course follows the effective management of movements in storage and use of their premises and vehicles really optimal.
A suitable extension can thus be, for example, the possibility of linking the systems to assist various specialized workers, drivers and optimizing shelf vehicle assignment of vehicles, equipment and staff on specific projects, tasks or contracts under process, labor and material flow.

The iDempiere is fully flexible and adaptable for independent use of its different modules for individual use eg. only production processes, rental, warehousing, logistics and transportation, or even individual process activities such as training or picking as a completely separate area.
It provides a wide range of statistics on stocks and movements, including the management and monitoring of complex warehouse operations (receiving, unloading, picking, picking of, routing, tracking phybu / path / tracking /, loading, removal etc.) in one integrated point.

Additional options include iDempiere system through standardized interfaces and modern system architecture, allowing for future updates and versions, light and easy integration and compatibility within the possibilities of interconnection with existing client systems, respectively. other software systems / computer software, shopping cart software, connectivity and active use of the latest hadrverových components and technologies of mobile phones, tablets, laser scanners, proximity and touch terminals, scanners and mobile printers, with the support of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and devices for wireless communication GPS etc.

Why should a company or business use iDempiere?

  • iDempiere is used around the whole world and the iDempiere community works hard every day for everyone´s satisfaction. Anyone can be a friend of the community.
  • Myself and my company MULTIMAGE s.r.o. has several years experience with system and we closely cooperate with the very founders and core people of iDempiere. I personally belong to the most active members of the iDempiere community in the world.
  • iDempiere operates great either on-site or in cloud, on a small or big capacity servers. Among its advantages are easy instalation, implementation, deployment, development, testing and adaptation.
  • While it uses common technologies available and used world-wide, it is higly interoperable and connectible with other software systems and hardware.
  • iDempiere provides high-end quality accounting system to any enterprise and is ready also for multiple international accounting (common within big companies operating within more countries or even worldwide).
  • iDempiere provides improved code in comparision to ADempiere (previous generation).

IDempiere strength is not only the most advanced technology, the overall benefit and importance for every company lies in a thorough analysis of business processes, leading to their long-term optimization and identify all vulnerabilities and the resulting savings, leading to maximum and sustainable control leading to a reduction costs.

Among current projects within the framework of continuous development and improvement of our company iDempiere MULTIMAGE Ltd. implements for its clients include integration project 30 different shopping cart software integration and financial and economic system including a complete document management, business process management, service process, the storage and rental, logistics and fleet management into one integrated central system.

Of course, in the near or distant future developing other projects and we are open to any partner cooperation for the development and improvement of iDempiere Slovakia, leading to the satisfaction of all parties and to the continuous improvement and optimization of business and working conditions and processes. We look forward to communicating, meeting and possible cooperation also with you.

Vocabulary – ERP Content Classification and tags

This post describes a concept called VOCABULARY. It helps iDempiere admins to categorise records from simple classification to  awesome multi-perspective catalogisation  or  modern  CMS tagging solution.


After I analyzed our customers´ requirements about implementing multiple stores into Magento and iDempiere, the first important question was how should we categorise our products in a modern way. I’ve also asked some other people about their experiences on iDempiere´s forum thread. The top contributor Deepak from Logilite has recommended us to use Product Category for Accounting and Legacy categorization and  implement another solution for better categorisation. For better understanding: Product Category has one perspective to categorise products and it also has a Parent Category, which means that it is able  to implement a tree structure, but we can only define one structure. To make a long story short – we can´t implement multiple stores in this way.

Our requirements about the project

We´ve  made a requirement analysis and the following tools were classified as “must have”.

  • For eCommerce usage – each webstore should have its own tree category – so 1 product must be categorised into multiple trees
  • The solution should be implemented for feature usage by creating a so called “independent product”, which has to support any further database table.
  • Users want to assign products in batches – like “Mass Update”

Collect motivations

Some years ago my company implemented Alfresco (an open platform for business software) and Liferay (a free and open source enterprise portal software product). We also use WordPress, which works very well. My experiences from the world of CMS gave me a good starting point. However, there are the standards  – with the similar concept – where the content can be assigned to categories, which are organised into the tree structure.

The proof about the efficiency of the concept

We´ve designed 3 main new objects: Vocabulary and Classification and Classification Instance. Vocabulary defines new classification perspective  and then creates the root and the tree structure.




Example structure

Website Catalog 2015 Website Catalog 2016
  • cat11
    • cat 11A
    • cat 11B
  • cat12
  • cat13
  • cat 21
    • cat 21A
    • cat 21B
  • cat 22
  • cat 23

How to improve the usage of the Vocabulary by iDempiere

The application can be used in any possible way,  because it was designed for common usage. Common usage means: Simply create a new vocabulary, select the table you want, define classification entries and organise them into the tree.

Price Schema – to create a new price list schema, you just have to add a new line, enter sequence and select between Product Category, Vocabulary and the tree.

New Module tree for DMS – We are working on a DMS plugin (with Deepak from Logilite) – Yesterday we had a review about our concept and – in context of massive content classification –  we´ve found out that it could be applied with a high potential. Of course we need to some other requirement Analysis as well. It´s quite plausible that we don’t need to implement other new features here.

Mass Update Classifications –  hundreds or thousands of products can be classified and later searched by only a few clicks.


Select Classification Tree – As Vocabulary included hundreds of records we have made an another improvement – with custom field type – available here. To the users:  if you are searching a product then first select vocabulary named “Product Catalog 2015”,  then select the value and the exact category you want.


When will it be available for the community?

The project is on its good way to publish it to the public, but it needs time and work.  By sponsorship/supported development we are able to make it available as a plugin or to apply further development. If you have got any questions about the commercial availability of the project, feel free to check my website