Why I am interested in cloudempiere?

When I met with the fact that HansaWorld Enterprise ERP/CRM software did not have sufficient WMS (warehouse management system) module and was just too expensive for our potential client I started to browse google as I always do J (but still less and less… JOKE!)

And suddenly it happened! I found something called open source ERP what I understood as „free“ ERP. „Wait a moment, Norbert!“, I told myself. The software system was ADempiere which evolved from  Compiere and when I studied it more deep, I understood that I can download the source code, customise it for clients needs or develop freely something new. I understood, that with good skilled people we can develop even our own WMS module, tailored exactly to the particular customer´s need.

So I hired such people, we worked hard, presented our solution to client and won the job!

3000 square metres warehouse with 2000 pallet positions managed by our new software! Wow!

That time, we firstly cooperated with freelance developer from Mexico, Victor Pérez, what was also another scope on the thing, because I, as the Project Manager and the key person responsible for the whole project realised, that if you have a real professional a skilled member of your team whose skilles and experiences you can rely on, you can cooperate and manage even important international projects online.

Finally, the client was so satisfied with the price of the solution and the goals we reached together, including warehouse usage optimisation, many different monitoring and reporting functions and finally, labor force costs decrease, that we joined a logistics show to present our successful cooperation together.

From that time ADempiere evolved to iDempiere using more sophisticated technologies (e.g. OSGi framework) and the challenges of high cost into the hardware, when installing the system within the client´s premises (on his own servers) motivated us to switch to cloud based SaaS solution based on Amazon cloud servers.

That is how cloudempiere was found…